The VentusVentures Corporate Group

We offer our customers a comprehensive portfolio of services along the value-added chain of renewable energies, focusing on the energy sector, industry and electric mobility. By linking these topics, we develop integrated business models and design custom-fit solutions, from the concept to the implementation. To achieve this, we have combined many different skills under one single roof.


“Where everybody thinks the same, nobody thinks a lot.”

To develop individual, tailor-made solutions and successfully implement them, we work resolutely and passionately every day.

Values that we feel committed to:


  1. Respect
  2. Reliability
  3. Inspiration
  4. Innovation

Our strATEGY

The VentusVentures corporate group provides services for customers in the energy and financial sector. The growth strategy is based on three pillars:


  • Expansion of the service and transaction business
  • Development of assets to strengthen the corporate balance sheet
  • Development of the specialized publisher bizz energy


Corporate management


Martin Heimes

Martin Heimes


Sebastian Egbers

Sebastian Egbers


Dr. Philipp Jantz

Dr. Philipp Jantz


Christian Geier

Christian Geier


Viola Flatau

Viola Flatau

Group Counsel

Ulrich Lewandowski

Ulrich Lewandowski

Senior Associate

Our history

The development that led to the VentusVentures corporate group since it was founded in 2011.

Key Figures

Data and Facts

Inventory capacity



Supervised transactions


Balance sheet sum


Where the VentusVentures corporate group is active in addition to the Hamburg headquarters.

Business fields

Think comprehensively. Implement jointly.

Wind energy

Many years of expertise in wind energy. Project purchasing and implementation, financing/transaction structuring and marketing.

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Solar energy

The realisation of solar projects including the acquisition of project corporations and the development of solar portfolios with Solarkontor.

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Sector linking

One of the key technologies for successfully implementing the energy and transportation transition in order to meet the climate protection targets.

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Real Estate

Strong and solid growth can only be successful on the basis of intact infrastructure conditions.

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bizz energy reports about international topics and trends and their relevance for the energy transition in Germany.

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Our services

Tailor-made solutions. Customized service.


We develop tailor-made solutions for our clients.

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Interactive data tools, networking, fact sheets…

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Project management

The central link in project implementation.

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Project devolopment

From project idea to turnkey delivery.

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Financial and participation structures

Optimization of structures to reach individual investor targets.

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Transaction procurement and implementation

Standardized and transparent processes and fair purchase pricing.

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Media Services

Traditional advertising formats in the print magazine and online as well as attractive digital special advertising forms.

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Planning, organization and moderation of exclusive events with a small circle of participants.

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Our brands

Added value under one single roof.


assettra is a service provider that operates an auction platform for investments in renewable energy for private and institutional customers.

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bizz energy

Two independent companies, bizz energy Media and bizz energy Research, operate under the umbrella brand bizz energy.

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Blau MV supports politicians, investors and administrations in the implementation of infrastructure projects.

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“CIC” is specialized in professional procurement and financing engineering of approved wind energy projects focussing on scandinavian markets.

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eMIS Deutschland

eMIS offers infrastructure services for the electrification of vehicle fleets in the public sector and also for enterprises.

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Establishment of an own solar portfolio and in the medium term creation of a structure and portfolio size, which is attractive for institutional investors.

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The operating company VentusVentures headquartered in Hamburg is the core of the VentusVentures Corporate group.

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Under the Windkontor product brand, VentusVentures develops participation portfolios of renewable energy plants in Germany.

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